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Yorkshire Terriers needing a home in South Africa..

How do I qualify to adopt a Yorkie?


1. Make sure that you have enough time

2. Ensure that you ready for possible vet bills

3. Apply to adopt a doggy that seems to fit in with your family home

1) You need time to give the needed attention and training to your rescue to help him to happily adjust to his new family. Many times, a rescue process runs amazingly smoothly, but in an equal number of instances special patience and investment is needed. There have been cases where it has taken a couple of years for an abused doggy to finally adjust, relax and truly become part of a family, but we have 100's of happy success stories to tell.

2) Although it may be cheaper to rescue than to shop, please do not let this be your motivation for adopting a Yorkshire Terrier. Adopted Yorkies will at times come with health complications, needing specialised medical care. We will always disclose the health of each doggy as accurately and honestly as possible, but this is no health guarantee, sometimes there are underlying health issues or undisclosed issues by those previously in possession of the rescue dog. You will be primarily responsible for all these costs.

3) It is important to note that each doggy has different requirements for their new forever home. If you do not qualify to home a particular doggy, please do not give up until we find the doggy that suites you best. It will help to note on the profile of the rescue whether he/she is good with cats, friendly with other dogs, house trained and other relevant information that could affect the adoption before you contact us about a particular doggy. After being interviewed and after the home check you don't qualify for a particular doggy, please note that we will still have you and your details on record, but please contact us again when you think you can help a different dog.

Become a Yorkie rescuer

The adoption process is tried and proven, and you can ensure giving the adoption the best chances of 100% success by working along with the procedure for your home check and the surrender of a dog. We take on all the stress and reduce the stress for the doggy and all the parties involved.

Please fill in our Yorkie surrender form in you can no longer take care of your doggy and need to rehome him or apply to adopt a Yorkie. While you are waiting for the perfect little rescue for your family, please follow us on Facebook. You can also download our Android App and be notified first as a Yorkie becomes available for adoption.

We are deeply grateful to all our approved foster parents around the country, who have helped a yorkie in need, and are ready to help at short notice to temporarily foster our doggies, usually when we need more time to find the perfect new home for them. Your service is so valuable to us. You can also qualify as a temporary foster parent, please fill in the apply to foster form.

Thank you to everyone for supporting Yorkie rescue South Africa. The Yorkie is a wonderful doggy for most families and with you sharing our posts helps us tremendously to find the perfect homes each time. If you would like to look at the Yorkies currently available on this website, click this link and choose the province closest to you.

SA Yorkie Rescue

We never want a Yorkshire Terrier to suffer!

The most common phrases typed in when wanting to own a Yorkie are: Yorkies for sale, or Yorkshire Terrier puppy or price. We want this to change this to Yorkie rescue South Africa, little adult Yorkies for adoption or adopt a little Yorkie in need of a good home. Teacup Yorkies are also in high demand. Please do thorough research before buying a "teacup Yorkshire terrier". Many exploit this phrase, and when you purchase a dog with them, you could be supporting poor or cruel breeding practices. Please email us with any questions.

S.A. Yorkie Rescue, Yorkie rescue South Africa and animal rescue

The SPCA (including animal welfare organisations like PAWS, DARG, Adopt-a-pet and Tears) is a humane society looking out for animal welfare. Animal rescue being their aim. Adopting a dog supports what these humane societies stand for. Still the SPCA has to end many lives everyday and they need help to find appropriate homes for a rescue dogs in real need.

The phrase Yorkie Rescue South Africa is targeted by a few different rescue groups. Please note that we are not "Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa" or "Yorkie Rescue SA", or "Yorkie Rescue South Africa" or us "Yorkshire Terrier Rescue South Africa" - www.yorkierescue.co.za

  • Maltese, French Poodle and Yorkie Rescue South Africa says they are an NPC pro-life animal shelter in Johannesburg that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes abused, abandoned, neglected and homeless small breed dogs. All dogs are sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped as soon as soon as they come into their care.

  • Yorkie Rescue South Africa or Yorkie Rescue SA says that they work in association with many SPCA’s and other rescue agents to assist them in the work they do. Yorkie Rescue South Africa in turn is assisted when they have to close down puppy mills, unethical back yard breeders and puppy brokers.

  • We, however work more independently to help individual Yorkshire Terriers, rescue and rehoming to families who will ensure that they continue to get all the love and medical attention that they need.

The most important goal for all these groups remains animal rescue, the more Yorkies in South Africa we can help, the better.

When you adopt a dog in South Africa you are part of this movement, but for a dog rescue to be successful involves cost and effort. Dog specific rescue organisations are able to help with the crisis of animal welfare. Please adopt a dog in South Africa rather than buy a puppy if at all possible, yorkie rescue SA and other breed rescues can help you to help our animals.

We have been unofficially involved in rescuing yorkies that need a home for the past ten years and have been able to find hundreds of loving homes for them in the Western Cape, Gauteng (in Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria), Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and in the Free State. It is our goal to help as many surrendered yorkies as possible and to find them the very best homes.

What costs are there when rescuing a Yorkshire Terrier?

There are costs involved with Yorkie rescue South Africa, often teeth need to be operated on and cleaned. They sometimes need to be spayed or neutered and other special vet care may be needed, occasionally it requires time for more serious cases of rehabilitation. These costs are mainly carried by the new owners. It is important that you consider all the possible expenses involved before adopting, this helps us to find home with the means to properly care for our doggies. The adoption fee is usually between R600 to R1200 to help defray the expenses of the rescue, it has remained unchanged for the past 10 years.