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We never want a Yorkshire Terrier to suffer!

The most common phrases typed in when wanting to own a Yorkie are: Yorkies for sale, or Yorkshire Terrier puppy or price. We want this to change to Yorkie Rescue, or adult Yorkies for adoption.

Teacup Yorkies are also in high demand. Please do thorough research before buying a "teacup Yorkshire terrier". Many exploit this phrase, and if you deal with them, you could be supporting poor breeding practices. You are welcome to email us with any questions.

S.A. Yorkie Rescue

The SPCA (including animal welfare organizations like PAWS, DARG, Adopt-a-pet and Tears) is a humane society looking out for animal welfare. Animal rescue being their aim. If you adopt a dog you are supporting what these humane societies stand for. Still the SPCA has to end many lives everyday and they need help to find appropriate homes to truly rescue a dog in need.

Please note that we are not related to

Max - famous in Fairlady magazine - fashion rescue of the week
Yorkshire Terrier Rescue of South Africa

"Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa" or "Yorkie Rescue SA", we are "SA Yorkie Rescue" - "Yorkshire Terrier Rescue of South Africa".


If you adopt a dog in South Africa you are part of this movement, but for a dog rescue to be successful it involves cost and effort. It takes dog specific rescue organizations to help with the crisis of animal welfare. So rather adopt a dog in South Africa than buy a puppy.

We have been unofficially involved in rescuing homeless yorkies for the past ten years and have been able to find loving homes for all of them in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Natal, and the Free State. It is our goal to help as many surrendered yorkies as possible and to find them the very best homes.

Thank you for your support by keeping in contact with us if you would like to rescue a yorkie.

There are many fees involved when rescuing a Yorkie, often the teeth need to be operated on and properly cleaned. They sometimes need to be spayed or neutered and other special vet care may be needed, occasionally it requires time for more serious cases of rehabilitation. It is important that you consider the possible expenses involved before adopting. We try to keep the adoption fee between R600 to R1200 to help defray the expenses of the rescue.