About Us

The History of SA Yorkie Rescue

In 2010, my friend, who adored Yorkies and animals in general, did something amazing. He rescued 12 older Yorkies from a breeder who couldn't care for them anymore. He gave them all the care they needed, including trips to the vet and fixing their teeth, and later found wonderful homes for each one.

While doing this, he noticed that many people were in tough spots where they couldn't keep their own Yorkies anymore. These dogs often ended up in places like the SPCA or animal shelters, which was really tough for them. Some of these dogs even had to be put to sleep because there weren't enough homes for them all.

This got him thinking. He knew that Yorkshire Terriers, like the ones he saved, were quite popular. So, he decided to stop breeding them and started helping Yorkies in need of new homes. He had lots of vet connections, comfy places for the dogs to stay, and helpers to take care of them. That's when I came into the picture, and in 2012, I became Angelique, the guardian of Yorkies 😄.

We used his facilities as a home base and recognized a real need. Our big challenge was making this effort sustainable. We believed that we didn't have to ask for money because there were plenty of Yorkie lovers out there. We just needed to connect them with the right dogs. At first, we covered all the costs we could, including vet bills. We even flew these little dogs to suitable homes across the country after making sure they were the perfect match. We took care of dogs with all sorts of issues, even a blind one. That pup's story turned into a success, thanks to the love of its new family.

See all the places our actual Yorkie rescues took place. Thank you to all you rescuers who have made this possible!