Surrender a Yorkie

Surrendering Your Yorkie to SA Yorkie Rescue

Making the decision to surrender your cherished Yorkie can be heart wrenching and challenging. At SA Yorkie Rescue, we understand that life's twists can sometimes mean tough choices. Should you find yourself in a situation where surrendering your Yorkie is the best course of action, rest assured that we are here to give you support and empathy. There are no costs involved in entrusting your furry friend to our care.

Online Application

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

Start by completing our surrender form. It's a quick and straightforward process, promise. This form gives us insights into your Yorkie and your situation. We want to make things smooth for you.

Sharing photos

Step 2: Share Their Photos

Capture a few pictures of your Yorkie and share them with us. These snapshots help us understand your furry friend's personality. You can email the photos to or send them via WhatsApp.

Collect documents

Step 3: Collect Essential Documents

Gather all the important paperwork, especially vet records. Think Rabies Certificate and Health Certificate – these are crucial for their well-being.

Talk to us

Step 4: Let's Talk Heart-to-Heart

Once you've filled out the form and shared those lovely photos, we'll reach out. We're here for a genuine conversation. We know this decision isn't easy, and we're here to offer support.

Pack belongings

Step 5: Pack Their Belongings

Ensure your Yorkie has their favorite things – meds, food, treats, blankets, toys – all the items that bring them comfort.

no cost

Step 6: No Costs, Just Care

Surrendering your furry friend won't cost you a thing. Our focus is solely on their safety and happiness.

New Forever Home

Step 7: Finding Them a Wonderful Home

Together, we'll find the perfect home for your Yorkie. A place where they can wag their tails to their heart's content.

Remember, surrendering your Yorkie to SA Yorkie Rescue is a step filled with compassion, and there are no costs involved. We're committed to making this journey as smooth as possible. Your Yorkie's well-being is our top priority. Stick with us, and let's navigate this together.

To surrender your Yorkshire Terrier, click the link and fill out the form: 

Help me to rehome my Yorkie

Surrender rehome your Yorkie with Yorkie rescue South Africa

Well done on finding SA Yorkie Rescue for assistance in finding a forever home for your Yorkie. Many people surrender their Yorkies to shelters with the hope of finding them the perfect home, only to find that they are not properly cared for as they had hoped and even end up neglected or euthanized. It can be a terrible worry when giving up your Yorkie child, so we will tell you more about the process and we will help you through it until you and your doggy are both happy and at peace.

When you surrender your Yorkie to Yorkie rescue South Africa, you will have the peace of mind that your Yorkshire Terrier will get the very best home with all the love in the world. We like to minimise any possible stress for your fur baby by limiting the number of times that they need to be transferred between lodgings, and completely avoid the kennel environment.

Depending on your particular situation and the situation of your Yorkie, when you surrender your Yorkie we first try to rehome him to his forever home directly, if necessary we will use a caring temporary foster parent to look after the rescue within a suitable family home until he is ready and we have found the perfect family to permanently adopt your Yorkie.

To find your Yorkie a new home please complete the form so that we can help to find your Yorkshire Terrier the perfect home. We will contact you and discuss the entire procedure with you and make sure that it suits your and your dogs needs and circumstances. We have many approved homes and we are constantly finding new amazing families wanting to adopt a Yorkie, We do thorough home checks and have a great deal of experience in finding the most suitable forever homes for our Yorkies.