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Finding my Yorkie a new home:

Fill in the form below to surrender a Yorkie anywhere in South Africa, and we will contact you within a few hours to help you through the process.

We will help you to find your Yorkshire Terrier the ideal new forever home with all the love and care that your doggy needs.

Frequently asked questions:

What will happen to my Yorkie after surrendering him or her to Yorkie Rescue?

We help to ease your already stressful situation and always put your doggy's interests first. We never want a doggy to have to go to a shelter we he gets impersonal food and shelter. All our temporary foster families really love animals a lot and go the extra mile to make them happy and give them the care that they need. In many cases we find our Yorkies their perfect new forever homes directly from their previous home, thereby eliminating undue stress, especially for older doggies needing to adapt to their new surroundings. We have countless special success stories to tell.