Success Stories

#06 Rocky


My name is Rocky, a pup so fine,

In my new home, things truly align.

My buddy Buddy, a friend so true,

Accepted me nicely and made me feel brand new.

With calm and feisty nature combined,

I've impressed my pawrents, oh how they're kind.

We go on walks and play all day,

In this new environment, I'm finding my way.

Confident and friendly, I approach with glee,

Seeking cuddles from people I see.

The park is my happy place to be,

Oh how I adore these walks, you see.

Thanks to SA Yorkie Rescue's hard work,

They found me pawrents who are an absolute perk.

This rehoming journey has been such a delight,

Wagtastic success in finding my forever home bright.

~ MS ~

Rocky was adopted: 

13th September 2023 from 

SA Yorkie Rescue

#05 Bella & Storm

Bella & Storm, 

We are Bella and Storm, two Yorkies in need

We had a loving home, but fate was not kind indeed

Our owners got a letter, that said no pets allowed

They were heartbroken and upset, they tried to plead and shout

But nothing could be done, they had to let us go

They contacted SA Yorkie Rescue, who said they'll find us a new home

They promised to be quick, they knew we were in distress

They searched for the perfect match, who would love us and care for us

And soon enough they did, they found a family of four

Two parents and two girls, who wanted Yorkies to adore

They came to meet us one day, and we felt an instant bond

The girls were so excited, they hugged us and kissed us all day long

The older one chose Bella, the energetic active girl

She said she'll take her on walks, and play with her all day long

The younger one picked Storm, the calm and collected boy

She said she'll cuddle him and read to him, and treat him like a toy

The girls were so happy, they took their own money

To buy us toys and treats, and make us feel comfy

They thanked SA Yorkie Rescue, for bringing us to them

They said they'll always love us, and we'll be their best friends

We are Bella and Storm, two Yorkies who found a new home

We are grateful to our loved owners, who gave us up with a heavy heart

We are thankful to SA Yorkie Rescue, who helped us start a new life

We are happy with our new family, who love us with all their might

~ LP ~

#04 Lady


In my cozy home, I'd yap and yelp, 

a Yorkie lass with quite a rep.

My human tried, but I'd not heed, 

so SA Yorkie Rescue took the lead.

They sought a home where I'd be loved, 

despite my manners not so loved.

Two ladies came, I leapt with glee, 

but my excitement made them flee.

Then SA Yorkie Rescue, oh so kind, 

another mommy they did find.

I saw her face, my heart took flight,

no jumping this time, I'd be polite.

Lindy held me close and tight, 

promised love with all her might.

My first night there, I slept so deep, 

then morning came, no time to sleep.

We walked and played, till I was spent, 

under my blanket, off I went.

Training school is on the way,

 I'm eager to learn, to sit and stay.

Mommy calls me Lady Bird, 

or Lady Baby, haven't you heard?

I love her so, she's my treasure, 

thanks to SA Yorkie Rescue

it's beyond measure.

~ LL ~

#03 Peanut & Ivy

Peanut & Ivy, 

In our quest, both near and far, 

for a Yorkie duo to call our star, 

we reached out to SA Yorkie Rescue

to find a pair that was true. 

Then, as if by magic, 

Peanut and Ivy came into view, 

a perfect match, 

a dream come true.

We tuned into the Podcast, "Paws and Reflect"

to ensure our introductions were perfect and correct. 

Guided by their wisdom, step by step, 

we crafted an introduction that was adept. 

Now, our canine family, both big and small,

are united under one roof, standing tall. 

We're grateful for the patience we had to hatch, 

and to SA Yorkie Rescue, for orchestrating this perfect match

~ LF ~

#02 Chelby


In a world of loss and hearts in pain,

SA Yorkie Rescue, a guiding rain.

Brett and Amanda, their stories told,

Seeking new love, their hearts unfold.

A dear little man of twelve long years,

Left a void, a trail of tears.

But SA Yorkie Rescue, swift and bright,

Within hours, a glimmer of light.

A little yorkie girl, a week would pass,

To fill the void, a love to amass.

Pam's caring touch, their hearts embrace,

Warm and sunny, a cherished place.

For Amanda, too, a love did fade,

In search of joy, a yorkie to aid.

SA Yorkie Rescue, with hearts so true,

Guided them well, the right choice in view.

Chelby, their darling, found a new home,

With professionalism, they'd roam.

Pam's care and updates, anxiety-free,

A seamless path to their new fur baby.

In each review, their praises shine,

SA Yorkie Rescue, love's design.

A haven of hope, where hearts are healed,

Their guiding light, forever sealed.

~ B&A ~

#01 Gimlet


you are a joy to me

You came into my life so easily

You sleep with me in my cozy bed

You wag your tail when I pat your head

You eat your food without a fuss

You walk with Yoki,

your new friend plus

You showered well,

though you didn’t like it much

You let me clean your eyes,

though you flinch at my touch

You are a gift from SA Yorkie Rescue

They found you a home where you can be true

They followed up with care and grace

They blessed us both with their embrace

Thank you, SA Yorkie Rescue, for your kindness and love

You are angels sent from above

You matched us well,

Gimlet and me

You made us happy as can be

~ JM ~