Where do Rescue Yorkies come from?

"Rescue Yorkies' Love's Beacon Bright"

Oh, listen up, my fine friends, and heed this poetic tale,

Of Rescue Yorkies, little pups, who need a hero's trail!

They're not some caped crusaders, soaring through the skies,

No, they're dogs in need of rescue, with those soulful puppy eyes!

Now, we must make it clear, to those who dial and call,

These Yorkies ain't no lifeguards, no saviors standing tall.

We've had a call; they cried, all puzzled and amazed,

"Do these pups perform rescues? It's got us quite a dazed!"

Oh, fear not, dear caller, we'll let the truth be known,

These Yorkies do perform rescues, though not quite as you've shown.

When they find a loving home, a place they'll be cherished,

That's when their rescue's real, and hearts can be nourished.

A suitable home they seek, one where they're truly needed,

A family who'll long to be, by Yorkies always greeted.

And in return, how they'll shine, rewarding love's embrace,

For rescuing hearts, old and new, in their cozy little space.

So heed this tale of Yorkies, not flying through the air,

But seeking homes with love, with owners who truly care.

No superpowers do they possess, just wagging tails and love,

But in their eyes, you'll find magic, like a blessing from above!

-  A poem based on a true story

Rescued Yorkshire Terriers are seldom rescued because they were unwanted, but the owners' situation may have changed because of factors beyond their control. Why do people surrender their Yorkies?

A few possible reasons:

Is there really a crisis?

Yes, there definitely is, but there shouldn't be. 

Many Yorkies need to be rescued, but unfortunately it is not presently possible to help all of them. Often you will hear of veterinarians who have to put down a number of Yorkies at the owner's command, they are helpless to do anything about it. These Yorkies are usually surrendered by breeders. This is not unique to Yorkshire terrier breeders, but it does cause more of a stir in the community since these dogs are very much adored. Many Bull Terrier, Doberman and Maltese dogs, you name the breed, they are all in similar straits. Many breeders euthanize (Greek for 'good death') there breeding stock after they have served there usefulness. This may be there preference or it may be because of over enthusiastic animal rights activists who smear breeders with hate speech on the internet if they put their elderly dogs up for adoption. 

Does it show that you don't care for your animals if you surrender them for adoption?

In a few cases this may be true, but in general those who surrender their dogs have the dog's best interests at heart. If they are a breeder with a large number of breeding stock, they may feel that they would love their dogs to retire to a life getting more individual attention than they can give. Is this bad? Unfortunately many animal lovers feel so and this results in more neglect for the dogs. How is this the case? 

Animal lovers say: "If you are surrendering your dogs you never deserved them in the first place! You are responsible for the dogs you own." This sounds true and ethical and as though it is said in defense of the animal's rights, but it actually puts fear into responsible breeders who would've wanted the best for their much loved friends, so much so that they try to find other ways to humanely reduce their breeding stock. This is causing more of a crisis for the animal than it actually helps them. The focus of the animal rights activist may be mistakenly directed and should perhaps be more on those who irresponsibly breed, adding to the growing number of unwanted mongrel dogs, for example in informal settlements, or dogs used in dog fighting. 

The truth is that 'specific breed dog rescues' only exist because these dogs are not unwanted, but are in demand and they are given to appreciative homes where people really love animals and want to give them the best life possible. This is a rewarding job to find the right home for the right dog and should not need outside funding if the animals are truly appreciated.

The Yorkie Rescue:

We at SA Yorkie Rescue hope to save hundreds of Yorkies in time to come, we plan on growing gradually so that we never take on more than we can handle. We would like to stop the stigma attached to surrendering Yorkshire Terriers and thus encourage more large breeders to make use of dog rescues to find suitable homes for their retiring friends.

We plan on never being a burden on other charity organizations, but feel that people do love Yorkies enough to pay enough of a donation fee to cover all the costs needed for their care at the kennel and the cost involved at times to find these deserving little individuals. We hope to keep the adoption fees high enough that it will help us to find homes where no expense will be spared to give them the necessary medical care that they deserve.

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