Western Cape, Cape Town, Durbanville meet Yorkie Puppy Charlie. 
He is a cute 1 year old. 
Charlie is loving, demonstrative and non aggressive,demanding
He is SUPER hyperactive. 
The owner has two big dogs whom Charlie likes to control in a loving, overbearing way. Charlie is very possessive of the owner 
and doesn't like the other dogs to share her time with them. 
He needs to go to a home where there is someone home all day 
and another little dog to play with
He has been neutered. His health is excellent. He has been house trained. 
He is excellent with children. 
He is excellent with other dogs. He is excellent with cats.

Charlie the yorkie puppy in cape town 
Charlie is a Yorkie puppy boy in Cape Town 
Charlie the Yorkie puppy boy in Durbanville Cape Town
Charlie is a Yorkie boy that is a Puppy in Cape Town