Western Cape, Somerset West, Cape Town

Pixie and Roxy are 2 Yorkie girlies needing their loving new home. 
They are 2 Years old
They can be adopted together or separately. 

Pixie is good with children. Roxy can snap if she feels nervous.
Pixie is good with other dogs. Roxy can snap unexpectedly.
Pixie is intelligent and listens well. She is house trained.
Roxy is very nervous and so she doesn't listen to instructions when she feels frightened. She also has a nervous bladder. Even though she is house trained, 
she will still do her toilet business if she feels unsure or nervous.

They have already been sterilized. They have good health.
 They are good with the owners cats, but tend to chase other cats.

                                        Pixie                                                            Roxy

Pixie the yorkie girl in cape town Roxy is a yorkie girl in cape town
           Pixie the yorkie girly in need of new home in cape town   Roxy the yorkshire terrier in cape town needs new home