#361 - Gauteng,Johannesburg - Yorkie X Toto the loving and sweet cutie

Post date: Jan 8, 2019 5:14:58 PM

Gauteng Benoni, Johannesburg

 Toto the totally adorable Yorkie X. He turned 3 in September 2018. 

He is an extremely active and energetic little guy.

He is loving and sweet and requires company.

He is neutered. He has good health.  

He is excellent with children.

He is excellent with other dogs. He is NOT good with cats.

He is also an escape artist and will find any opportunity to get out. 

He has a tendency to being an ankle biter to strangers.

Toto the Yorkie x needing a home
Toto is a loving yorkie x needing a home
Toto is a yorkie x in need of his new home
Toto the sweet yorkie x