They need a new home within two weeks!

Gauteng Pretoria, Karin park meet Tom and Jerry.  

Jerry is 9 years of age and Tom is 8 years of age. 
They have both been neutered. 
Both are getting older, but in excellent health.

Jerry is the older brother and the play-full one.  
He loves playing and will crawl in front of someone he likes and actually smile. 
He is full of energy and always ready for anything.  

Tommy the younger brother is a bit smaller and the quite and reserved one.  He is very happy to sit on or next to his "mom" and moves like her shadow around the house. 

They both sleep on the bed :)

They are good with children, but not used to smaller children 
as all the grand kids are grown.
They are not used to other dogs
They are not good with cats.


Jerry a yorkie boy in pretoria 
Tom the yorkie boy in pretoria