Gauteng Heidelberg

 Cabriolé, Coupé and Bono are three Yorkies in need of their new home
They can be adopted together or to seperate homes
They all have good health. They have all been neutered. They are house trained.
All three of them like to receive love and sit on your lap or next to you. 
They will love to sleep on the bed with you.
 They are excellent with young children. 
They are excellent with other small dogs. The owner is not sure how they will be with cats

Cabriolé, aka Cabby is 6 Years of age and had his teeth cleaned and some pulled. His bark is bigger than his bite. He think he is the king of the house

Coupé aka Koepie is 6 Years of age and had his teeth cleaned and had a hip surgery when he was very young but he has no problems now. He loves playing with a ball,

Bono is 5 Years of age. He will just steal anyone's heart and he WILL make you love him! 

Three cuties in Gauteng


Cabby the yorkie boy in gauteng Cabby is a yorkie boy living in gauteng needing a home


Koepie the yorkie boy in gauteng Koepie the yorkie boy in gauteng needing a home


Bono the yorkie boy in gauteng Bono is a yorkie boy in gauteng needing a home

Bono the yorkie that loves love