#45 - Teddy the extremely playful and loyal Yorkie - ALREADY ADOPTED!!!

Post date: Jan 12, 2015 1:47:31 PM

Teddy is about 5 years and lives in Parklands, Western Cape. He is sterilised and has very good health. He is house trained.

This is what his current owner said about him: "He is very loyal, up to the point that he tends to snap at somebody who is not his owner. He never bites but he snaps and growls and most people get such a fright that they refuse to come near him. He doesn't do anything when you sit next to him or pet him, he just does not want to be picked up by strangers. He is extremely playful and if he chooses you he will follow you everywhere, if you sit down he is there. Honestly one of the most loyal dogs ever! He is very alert and will notify you when something is up, he is actually just the perfect dog but with people coming into our house and kids playing here he is not suitable."


Teddy the playful and loyal Yorkshire Terrier