#251 - FOUND A HOME - Eastern Cape, East - London: Teacup Yorkie Lady, Gucci needs a new loving home

Post date: Sep 4, 2017 10:45:30 AM


Eastern Cape, East-London is where Teacup Yorkie Lady, Gucci lives. 

This cutie is 8 Years young. She is in good physical health. 

Gucci is very lovable, she lives for cuddles! She likes being on laps. She loves belly tickles. She is a little dog with a big attitude. 

She loves going for walks and outings. She will even swim with you! 

Runs away from small children  ( Had a bad experience) But not aggressive. 

She will be alright with other small dogs. 

She is excellent with cats.

Teacup Yorkie Lady in need of new home
Gucci the Yorkie that is a teacup in east london
Teacup Lady Yorkie girl Gucci