KwaZulu-Natal, Durban meet :
7 Year old Teacup Yorkie Gunner and 5 Year old Yorkie boy Levi. 
They have both been neutered. They have excellent health, full vet inoculations. 
Gunner is very loving and social. Levi is more of a reserved dog. 
Levi is also very loving but not as social as Gunner. 
Both do not have any aggression in there natures. They are very peaceful dogs. 
They are not good with small kids but 10yrs+ will be fine. They are not good with cats.

Gunner the teacup yorkie in Durban KZN Gunner is a teacup yorkie boy in durban 
 Levi the yorkie boy in durban kzn Levi the yorkie boy in durban