Gauteng, Alberton meet Lovable Yorkie girl, Emerald. She is 1 Yrs of age. 
She has been sterilized. She has excellent health. Annual Injection done in December 2016.
Emmy is a true jewel "EMERALD". 
She is a "Tomboy" a real little individual. Soft, lovable, kisses a lot
Emmy does not like the vacuum cleaner, a bath or shower neither a collar nor jersey. 
Emmy is not used to small children at all. 
Emmy sleeps on the couch, the bottom of the bed at night and only likes to tuck in the bed and snuggle in the morning. Emmy loves her toys and having a ball thrown for her to fetch. She loves to go "tatas" in the car for drives and enjoys her walks on a leash! 
 She is house trained. 
Excellent with other dogs. Not good with cats.

She has a couple of nicknames "Emmy"  "Emsalot"  "Baby of the Family"

emmy the yorkie girly in gauteng Sweet Emmy looking for a home in Gauteng

Cute Emmy needs a loving new home in Gauteng Emmy the Yorkie girly in the middle needs a loving new home

Pretty Emmy the Yorkie girly needing a home in Gauteng Emmy the yorkie girly in gauteng in need of a new home