#426 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng,Johannesburg - Rufus & Ponkels small Yorkies needing homes

Post date: Aug 13, 2019 5:31:48 AM


Gauteng Johannesburg, Lenasia South

Rufus and Ponkels are two small adorable Yorkshire Terriers

Rufus is a 3 years old male. Ponkels is a 10 months old female.

They are healthy and in excellent condition. They are not house trained.

Rufus has a sweet and caring personality. 

Ponkels is a sweet and playful little puppy with lots of energy. 

They are fine with children.

They will be fine with other dogs depending on the temperament of the other dog. 

They are not good with cats

Rufus and Ponkels are two yorkies in need of a new home
Rufus and Ponkels are adorable yorkies needing homes


Rufus      &     Ponkels 

Rufus is a yorkie boy in need of new home
Ponkels is a yorkie girl in need of new home