#142 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Cape Town - Rolo and Lulu the great pair need a fantastic home together

Post date: Feb 19, 2016 4:37:19 PM


Rolo and Lulu live in Cape Town. They need to find a home together.

They are 2 years old. Both have been sterilized. Both are house trained. They are excellent with children. They are excellent with other dogs

Rolo is a healthy male, 4.2kgs.  Is able to run alongside the bicycle for a good 6-7kms!! 

Lulu is a healthy female 2.2kgs and keeps up well on those rides!

Rolo is very loving, wants to be with you, happiest when on your lap.

Lulu is slightly more independent, but will never miss an opportunity to squeeze in a snuggle, and is so sprightly and fast for something so little.  She has a brave little nature, thinks she is a massive dog.  

The owner says that they are not at all aggressive toward cats, they want to play with them.  But the minute the cats see them, they start running, which both dogs (understandably) think is a game and so the chase begins....

Rolo and Lulu are too cute yorkies on the carpet
Rolo and Lulu are loving Yorkies on the tiles
Lulu the tiny Yorkshire Terrier girly in Cape Town
Rolo the cute Yorkie boy in Cape Town