#241 - Gauteng, Johannesburg - Little Zephyr and Jezebelle need perfect homes!

Post date: Aug 2, 2017 5:44:19 AM

Gauteng, JHB meet Zephyr and Jezebelle two little Yorkies 

They can be adopted separately.

Zephyr is 4 Years of age and Jezebelle is 17 years of age. 

They have both been sterilized. They have no health problems. 

Zephyr is a young spring chicken. Zephyr is full of beans and fun! He is a little skittish around new people. Jezebelle is an old lady in need of a gentle home and love. 

Jezebelle is very relaxed and spends most time sleeping. She loves food. 

They are not good with other pets. They have not had much exposure to kids.

Jezebelle and Zaphyr are little yorkies in gauteng needing a new home


               ZEPHYR                                           JEZEBELLE

Zephyr a little yorkie boy in gauteng needing a new home
Jezzy is a lil yorkie girly in gauteng needing a new home