#415 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Claremont - Lil the loving little yorkie lady

Post date: Jul 22, 2019 10:13:38 AM


Western Cape, Claremont

Lil is an adorable 8 Year old Yorkie girly

She has been sterilized. She has good health. She is house trained. 

She likes being close to you. 

Be right by your side where ever you are sitting. 

She enjoys walks in the park and does not need a lease. 

She is fine with children. Loves the attention. Kind and have a lot of patience. 

She can get anxious/worked up by kids if there is constant screaming and loud bangs. She is fine with dogs her own size. She is currently the only doggy and happier that way. She is fine with cats. She is currently living with two cats.

Lil loving little yorkie
Lovely Lil needs a home
Lil the loving little sweet yorkie
loving lil in search of a home
Lil is a loving sweet Yorkie