#385 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Buccleuch - Three Gorgeous Yorkies Needing Their Forever Homes

Post date: Apr 1, 2019 6:13:03 AM

Gauteng Buccleuch

They have all been adopted!

Astro is a yorkie boy that is 3 years old.

They are friendly and placid fur kids that enjoy human company. 

Astro loves licking and being brushed. 

They are all sterilized. 

They are all in excellent health. They are all house trained

They are excellent with children

They are excellent with other dogs and cats.

 Astro ( Yorkie boy - 3 Years old)

Astro is a loving yorkie boy in gauteng
Astro the yorkie boy in gauteng needing a new home


Already Adopted - Dorito (Yorkie boy - 2 Years old)

Dorito is a beautiful yorkie boy in gauteng
Dorito loving yorkie boy in gauteng


 Already Adopted - Cupcake ( Yorkie girly - 4 Years old)

Cupcake is a yorkie girly in gauteng
Cupcake the loving yorkie in gauteng