KwaZulu-Natal, Durban

Whisky a 1 year old adorable Yorkie boy and Gizmo a lovely 4 years old Yorkie male in need of their new homes. 
Gizmo is a quiet doggy while whisky is very playful. 
They both love playing with balls.
 They have good health. Will need help with house training.
They are excellent with children. They are excellent with other dogs.
 The owner does not have cats so does not know how they will react to a cat. 


Gizmo is a yorkie male in kzn Gizmo a yorkie boy in kzn
Gizmo is a yorkie boy in durban


Whisky a yorkie boy in durban Whisky is a yorkie boy in kzn 
Whisky is a yorkie male in Durban