#410 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Gauteng, Pretoria, Brooklyn - Three Loving Yorkies Needing Homes

Post date: Jun 26, 2019 5:54:32 AM


Gauteng Pretoria - Brooklyn

Three Yorkshire Terriers are in need of their new home(s)

Rusty (Yorkie boy) & Zooey (Yorkie girl) are 8 Years of age. 

Emmie (Yorkie girly) is 5 Years of age. 

They have all been sterilized and all are in good health.They are house trained


ALREADY ADOPTED = Zooey - Will warn you about dangers, she loves attention and food :)

She is better with older kids or adults.

 ALREADY ADOPTED = Emmie - The baby, mild mannered and good with kids.

They are all excellent with other dogs

Not good with cats

ALREADY ADOPTED = Rusty - Very alert.. always "monitoring the perimeter", extremely gentle and sweet, wonderful with kids, loves to be groomed. 

Three adorable yorkies in gauteng needing homes

 Rusty                            Zooey

Rsuty is a yorkie boy in gauteng
Zooey is a yorkie girl in need of her new home



Emmie is a yorkie girly in need of her new home