Gauteng, Krugersdorp

Daisy the lovely Yorkshire Terrier and Cady the Yorkie X Toypom
 need their new loving home separate or together
Daisy is 5 years of age. She is very loving and quiet. Daisy likes to laugh :) 
Cady loves to play and loves attention, he is full of life. 
They are excellent with children
They have excellent health. They have been house trained.
They are excellent with other dogs. 
The owner does not know how they will be with cats.


 Daisy the little yorkie in gauteng Daisy the little yorkie girl in gauteng
Daisy is a small yorkie in gauteng


Cady is a yorkie x toypom living in gauteng Cady the yorkie x toypom living in gauteng 

Cady is a yorkie x toypom in gauteng