#258 - Gauteng,Vereeniging - ASAP- Eddy&Teddy need homes immidiately

Post date: Sep 20, 2017 4:57:28 PM

Gauteng, Vereeniging is where Yorkie brothers Eddy and Teddy live. 

They can be adopted together or separately

They love being the center of attention and to constantly be in your company. 

They are good with older children, but only if handled gently otherwise they snap. 

Not good with small children. 

They are not house trained. They have good health.  

Good with other dogs, but want to be the center of attention. Not good with big dogs. They are excellent with cats.

Teddy is 3 Years of age.He has a soft and gentle nature and loves attention. 

Teddy a yorkie boy in Gauteng
Teddy the cute yorkie in vereeniging

Eddy is 3 Years of age. He is very soft hearted.

Eddy is a yorkie boy in gauteng
Eddy the yorkshire terrier in gauteng
Eddy the Yorkie male in KZN