Western Cape, Blouberg is where Yorkies Dieter and Lily live. 

Dieter is 1 year, 7 months old. Lily is 1 year, 2 months old. 
They need to find the perfect home for them together. 
They have very good health, never had any problems. 
Their owner explains 'Dieter is a very emotional dog and person centered, he is very loving, clever and loves his walks'
Lily is more a flower child happy go lucky, loves cuddles and her brother." 
They are house trained. 
Dieter does not like small children, but is fine with older ones. Lily does not mind children. They are good with other other dogs. 
The owner thinks they are more scared of cats than the other way around :)

Dieter and Lily Yorkies in Cape Town  Dieter and Lily are two yorkies in cape town
Lily is a yorkie girly in the cape town area Dieter and Lily are yorkies needing homes in the cape 
Dieter and Lily are two yorkshire terriers in the cape town area  Dieter and Lily are two yorkies in the Cape Town area