Western Cape, Cape Town, Kraaifontein is where three Yorkie males currently live and they are looking for separate new homes! 
Tiny is a Biewer Yorkie and he is 2 Years of age. 
Wouter is a Parti colour Yorkie and he is 2 Years old. 
Heiny is a miniature Yorkie and he is 6 Years of age. 
These cuties are very, very loveable. They have very good health. They are house trained. They are excellent with children
These boys are excellent with other dogs but not good with cats.


Heiny the miniature yorkie in cape town Heiny is a miniature yorkie boy in kraaifontein


Tiny is a Biewer Yorkie in Cape Town Tiny the Biewer yorkie boy in cape town 


Wouter the Parti colour yorkie in cape town Wouter is a parti colour yorkie in cape town