Gauteng Pretoria

Cocoa and Lychan are two miniature Yorkshire Terriers that are 4 Years old.
Cocoa a Chocolate Yorkie is a very friendly & playful Yorkie girly. 
Lychan is very protective over Cocoa but also playful & friendly. 
Cocoa is healthy. Lychan healthy but has lost most of his black hair over his body. 
They are house trained. 
They are excellent with children.
They are excellent with other dogs. They are good with cats - they were raised with cats but still chase the cats for fun (without biting or hurting them) 


Cocoa is a yorkie female in need of her new home in Gauteng Cocoa is a yorkie girly in need of her new home 

Lychan a yorkshire terrier in pretoria

Lychan is a yorkie male in need of his new home in gauteng