#334 - Gauteng, Benoni - Bella and Chuckles the perfect pair

Post date: Sep 27, 2018 4:22:22 PM

Gauteng Benoni 

Chuckles and Bella are Yorkshire Terriers needing a home primarily together 

but they can be homed separately. 

 Chuckles is a Yorkie boy, 3 Years of age. Bella is a Yorkie girl, 2 Years of age.

Bella is a lovley, fun and energetic dog. Chuckles is calm and humble loves to swim.

They have good health. They are both house trained. 

They are excellent with children. 

They are excellent with other dogs. They are not good with cats

Bella and Chuckles needing their new homes
Bella and Chuckles yorkies in gauteng


       Bella                                       Chuckles

Bella is a yorkie girly in benoni
Chuckles the Yorkie male in Gauteng
very cute yorkie girly bella needing her new home
Chuckles yorkie boy in need of his new home
Bella is a yorkie girly in gauteng
Chuckles the Yorkie in Gauteng needing a home