Gauteng, Fourways

 Kit and Ella are beautiful, loving dogs 
and deserve all the love and attention they want. 
Kit is 3 years of age, Ella is 3 years old.
Kit & Ella are brother and sister needing a home together.
Maya has been adopted
All have great health. All vaccinations are up to date. 
They are very protective of each other. 
They get very excited when around people. They love kids. 
They love to be bathed and brushed. 
They have not been house trained. 
The owner is not sure how they will be with cats since they’ve never been around cats.
                                                 KIT and ELLA                                           

Kit and Ella are yorkies in gauteng

Kit and Ella and Maya Yorkies needing a home 
Kit and Ella and Maya yorkies in gauteng


Maya the small yorkie in gauteng   
Maya is a yorkie in gauteng