#370 - Gauteng, Boksburg - Adorable Yorkies Needing New Loving Homes

Post date: Feb 4, 2019 6:46:15 PM

Gauteng, Boksburg

 Adorable Yorkies need their new loving homes 

They are soft natured and excellent with children. 

They have excellent health and vet cards are up to date.

Monroe is the oldest Yorkie (Date of birth: 17/09/2007 )

Monroe the yorkie lady in gauteng
Monroe is in need of her new loving forever home


Issabelle - ALREADY ADOPTED(Date of birth: 28/11/2012)

Issabelle the yorkie girl in gauteng

 Sadie - ALREADY ADOPTED (Date of birth: 30/08/2013)

Sadie the beautiful yorkie in Gauteng

Ramond - ALREADY ADOPTED Yorkie Male ( Date of birth: 18/05/2012)    

Ramond the yorkie boy needing a home

 Sunet - ALREADY ADOPTED Yorkie Girl (Date of birth: 15/11/2012) 

Sunet the Yorkie lady


 Itzi Bitzi - ALREADY ADOPTED (Date of birth: 06/11/2009)

Itzi Bitzi the adorable yorkie girly

Molly - ALREADY ADOPTED (Date of birth: 10/06/2012)     

Molly the Yorkie girly needing a home


  Sofie - ALREADY ADOPTED (DOB:23/09/2012)  Tippy - ALREADY ADOPTED (DOB:03/06/2014)        

Sofie the yorkie girly needing a home
Tippy the adorable yorkie girly


 Jana - ALREADY ADOPTED - Yorkie Girl ( Date of birth: 29/07/2013)

Jana the yorkie girly needing a home