Western CapeBellville 

 Loving Miniature Yorkies - Brother and Sister - need their new loving home together.
Their ideal home: a Retired Lady that gives them loads of love. 

They are loving, playful, inquisitive, like to sleep, love going for walks
Both dogs tend to bark when left in a garden. They are inside doggies. 
They are both 9 Years of age. 
They have been sterilized. Both are healthy. 
They have not lived with children
They are not good with other dogs or cats.

Pixie: She LOVES walks,very alert and intelligent.
Quite active, but then again, they both love sleeping.

Bobby - loves Pixie,
Bobby does have a limp from a past injury. He hobbles when he walks,he can't do stairs.
He is very healthy because he enjoys his walks.

Bobby and Pixie two miniature yorkies in cape town


Bobby the tiny miniature yorkie Bobby is a miniature yorkie in cape town


Pixie the tiny yorkie in cape town Pixie the yorkie girl in cape town