They have found homes

Gauteng, Benoni

Barney has been adopted - Barney is a 3 years old white Ocean Pearl Yorkie male. 
Mickey is a Maltese X Toypom who is 5 Years old. 
They have both been neutered. They are house trained. 
 Barney has fantastic health. Mickey has good health but a bit of a problem every now 
and then with his knee. 
Barney is a vibrant, active and a trainable Yorkie. Mickey is a real loving cuddle lapdog.
Barney is not aggressive towards children at all but he is a bit scared. 
He is a little scared of other dogs. He tries to play with cats.
 Mickey is excellent with children. 
He is excellent with other dogs. He is excellent with cats.


Mickey is a maltese cross toypom Mickey is a maltese x toypom


Barney is a yorkie boy in need of new home Barney is a yorkie male
Barney is a yorkie boy needing a home