#243 - ALREADY ADOPTED! CAPE TOWN, CLAREMONT - Active Obelix needs the perfect loving home

Post date: Aug 11, 2017 6:57:14 AM


CAPE TOWN, CLAREMONT meet 9Year old Yorkie male Obelix. 

He does not seem like an "old" doggy, he is very active.

 He needs a big garden as he loves exploring outside but sleeps inside. 

This lovely doggy loves to sit with you and loves it even more if he can sleep on the bed with his owners. He is slightly deaf so when you startle him he nips at you.

 He is fine with older children 13+ 

He is strictly eating Hills for sensitive skin because he can get itchy without it 

(he has dry skin). He loves walking in the parks and walks without a lead, listens very nicely. He is a trained doggy and very clever. He is also micro chipped

 He is house trained. When he needs to "go" he will run in circles by the door if he wants out, or run in circles by his food bowl if he wants water or food. 

He will also paw his bowl and bark if it's empty, runs in circles if he gets excited about food. He is currently living in a home that has cats and he is okay with them, 

but doesn't really like them much. 

He is fine with other dogs if they leave him alone. Eg. He doesn't like other dogs in his space or want to play with him. He is dominant.

Sweet Lil obelix yorkie boy needing a new home in gauteng
Obelix the cutie in lonehill needing a loving new home
Obelix the little yorkie boy in lonehill in need of a new home
Little Obelix in Gauteng needing a new loving home