#51- Riley the friendly and affectionate Yorkie girl - ALREADY ADOPTED!!!

Post date: Feb 4, 2015 7:47:29 AM

Meet Riley a 3 year old Yorkie girl currently living in Andeon Pretoria. SHE NEEDS A HOME ASAP!

She is very friendly, affectionate and good with children. She is also excellent with other dogs. She is not House-Trained. 

Please read her current owner's reason for putting her up for adoption:

"I have a rescue female yorkie Riley 3 years old. We've had her now for 2 years. She had a bladder problem from the beginning that we didn't know about, but my late husband was very patient with her and he had very good success with her. However it meant he had to get up during the night to take her out, because she was scared of the dark, as she also had an eye problem. Her coat was dull and matted and we spent quite a lot on vets bills. But she adapted to us and everything was just fine.

Since he passed away in July, I was basically in auto pilot mode. I was working full time and didn't give Riley all the attention that he did, meaning didn't get up at night etc.

She then started to mess in the house, and I just cleaned up and let it be. Was too much of a hassle to even bother.

Since November I started having a lot of pain in my leg but just left it to that, because we were so busy at work. Eventually got to a stage where I had to resign and went to the doctor, only to find that a vertebra in my lower back was broken, shifted and now pinched a nerve, which resulted in the unbearable pain. Since Christmas I am basically bed constrained. Can't go for an operation at this stage because of health issues.

Riley must have picked up on my stress because she is now really out of control. She just messes everywhere in the house.

I am in the process of selling my place and move to a place where someone can look after me. But with this problem its going to be hard, you constantly need to see if she didn't mess somewhere when potential buyers come to view.

Riley is a very adorable, loving little creature. Just this is now getting to much to handle."

Yorkshire Terrier in the car