Post date: Mar 12, 2015 6:37:46 AM

Coco,the female and Sakkie, the male Yorkie live in Durbanville, Western Cape and need to find a home together before the 28'th of March. They are friendly, very playful, they are mostly obedient and very lovable. Sakkie loves to explore, (loves the beach and bushes) and makes new doggie friends every time we go for a walk. Coco is a gentle and loving Yorkie but takes a bit of time to get use to people but when she trusts you she is very lovable, also takes time to warm up to other dogs. 

They are house dogs and need to sleep inside.

They are +- 2years of age. Both are in excellent health. They are not House Trained. Excellent with children but they do not like it when children are rough or if they shout a lot.

Coco and Sakkie the cute Yorkshire Terriers love each other
Coco the female Yorkie
Sakkie the male Yorkie
Coco loves her bear
Coco loves to relax
Sakkie and Coco are affectionate Yorkshire Terriers
Coco and Sakkie are lovely together