#36 - Tiny Teacup Terriers - Andy and Tankika - ALREADY ADOPTED

Post date: Sep 27, 2014 9:51:14 AM


Andy and Tankika are looking for there forever home, 7 and 8 years young in Johannesburg.

Please see the current owners answers to our questions:

  • What are their names ? Andy and Tankika
  • Where are they located? JHB Sandton
  • What gender are they? Male and female
  • How old are they?7, 8yrs
  • Are they House Trained ? On the newspaper, and not always.
  • How are they with cats? Chase them but have gotten used to mine
  • How are they with children ? don’t like them
  • How are they with other dogs? Ignore other dogs, not bad with them
  • Are they neutered/spayed? yes