#226 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Centurion - Rocky and Jessy loving Yorkie pair needing a home‎

Post date: Apr 13, 2017 3:58:16 PM

                                                            ALREADY ADOPTED!

Gauteng, Centurion is where Rocky & Jessy, male and female Yorkshire Terriers live. 

They are 4 years old. They are both already sterilized. 

They are in a very good health condition. 

Both of them are energetic. They are both house trained.

Both are very loveable and sweet. They love going for outings. They are very well behaved. They love sitting on your lap, and following you around. 

Rocky is playful loves being near people and enjoys lots of attention.

Jessy is a little bit shy and scares easily, is very loveable

They are good with children

They are good with other dogs but they are not good with cats.

Rocky and Jessy Yorkies needing new homes in Gauteng
Rocky and Jessy are two Yorkies in Gauteng who need a new loving home


Cute Jessy needs a loving home in Gauteng
Jessy the Yorkie girl in Gauteng
Jessy the pretty girly in Gauteng needing a home


Rocky the Yorkie boy needing a new home in Gauteng
Rocky the Yorkie boy in Gauteng, Centurion needs a loving home
Rocky the Yorkie boy in Gauteng needing a home