Yorkie Lovers comments and replies

Hi, Gareth & Angelique

I must say I don’t call him Bee Bee as he just ignored me so I decided to call him Tuppence and I got the response then so it has now stuck. I did send you a photo of him in his wicker bed which I do hope you received.

Just a short note to let you know how my little boy is, he is one marvellous little dog, has now become accustomed to being spoilt rotten and I could not have wished for a more playful boy and all my other dogs love him and he is the first to start playing and then the game is on which is so beautiful to watch. He loves sleeping with Nu-Nu in her doughnut and it really is so sweet to see the 2 of them together, she is not playful as she thinks she is the princess of the house but the 2 other adopted boys are bigger than Tuppence but play so cutely with him. Marley is the brave one and nobody is allowed to interfere with any of my 4 legged children so you see he has come to a good home.

Must say if you ever have any more tiny babies needing a good home, please don’t forget about me.

Love & Blessings,



To: Whom it may concern,

I don't think any person that has ever owned a Yorkie could understand how much you fall in love with them, I had a yorkie whom I treated as my child until I had my own baby, I could not give him all the attention he needed and it broke my heart so I found him a new home, up till today I wished I had pulled through as now my daughter been 3 years old would do anything for a small doggy, Yorkies are like no other Dog in the world, they are smart, and lovable and the best pet anyone could ever ask for, I do think that the way people are breeding with Yorkie's today and trying to sell them for Thousands makes me so angry.

Yorkies deserve Good loving homes and sometimes those homes are with people that cant just fork out R4000 but they can provide good love, food, shelter and vet care. People buying Yorkies just for the status and not for the love of the dog make me so upset.

I would love a Yorkie and would do almost anything to love one.

Kind regards



I am amazed and delighted to have found this website.

I have always wanted a Yorkie but hubby and I firmly believing in adopting and not shopping. Although I cannot adopt a Yorkie now (we have 4 doggies already) I'm bookmarking your site for future. Because the day will come when I'll be in a position to adopt a Yorkie and make a donation.

Thank You for this site



Good Morning Gareth and Angelique

Thank you for posting the lovely pictures of Max, we do miss him and Thank you both so much for finding him a loving home, the little girl looks so adorable with him.

Thankyou once again.

Kindest regards

Lorraine & Ivan