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  • Areas where our Yorkies need homes

    Posted May 22, 2018, 12:23 PM by Angelique Norton
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Dogs Now Available for Adoption in South Africa

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  • #313 - Western Cape, George - Tokkie the cutie needs a new loving home Western Cape, George is where Yorkie girl Tokkie livesTokkie is around 5 Years of age. She has been sterilized. She has good health. She is very loving. She loves ...
    Posted Jun 19, 2018, 11:30 PM by Angelique Norton
  • #312 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Heathfield - Two beautiful Yorkies need a perfect new home ALREADY ADOPTEDWestern Cape, Heathfield is where Yorkies Jasper and Abby live Abby is a teacup Yorkie girl. She is 3 Years of age. She has been sterilized and has ...
    Posted Jun 20, 2018, 7:34 AM by Angelique Norton
  • #311 - Gauteng, Midrand - Cheaky and Sasha needing homes within a week Gauteng, Midrand is where Cheaky, age 6 and Sasha, age 5 live. They need to be adopted within a week!Cheaky loves a drive. She is a very relaxed Yorkie ...
    Posted Jun 18, 2018, 7:04 AM by Angelique Norton
  • #310 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Pretoria - Cassy the sweetheart needs a new home ASAP! ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng Irene, Pretoria Cassy needs a home in the next couple of days!Cassy is a 9 Year old Yorkie girly. She is lovable & friendly with people. She ...
    Posted Jun 15, 2018, 3:51 AM by Angelique Norton
  • #309 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Gauteng, Krugersdorp - ASAP! 3 Yorkies in need of their new homes ALREADY ADOPTEDALL 7 YORKIES HAVE FOUND EXCELLENT NEW HOMESURGENT CASE!Gauteng, Krugersdorp4 Yorkies are in desperate need of their new loving homes within the next few days ...
    Posted Jun 18, 2018, 5:54 AM by Angelique Norton
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  • Areas where our Yorkies need homes GAUTENGWESTERN CAPE
    Posted May 22, 2018, 12:23 PM by Angelique Norton
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We never want Yorkshire Terriers to suffer!

S.A. Yorkie Rescue

The SPCA (including animal welfare organizations like PAWS, DARG, Adopt-a-pet and Tears) is a humane society looking out for animal welfare. Animal rescue being their aim. If you adopt a dog you are supporting what these humane societies stand for. Still the SPCA has to end many lives everyday and they need help to find appropriate homes to truly rescue a dog in need. 

If you adopt a dog in Cape town you are part of this movement, but the truth is that for a dog rescue to be successful it involves cost and effort. It takes more specialized dog rescue organizations (for example save a yorkie rescue in the USA) to help with the crisis of animal welfare. So adopt a dog in South Africa today.

We have been unofficially involved in rescuing homeless yorkies for the past five years and have so far been able to find loving homes for all of them. It is our goal to help as many surrendered yorkies as possible and to find them the very best homes.

Please keep in contact with us if you wish to rescue a yorkie.

There are many fees involved when rescuing a Yorkie. Most often the teeth need to be operated on and properly cleaned. They need to be spayed and sometimes neutered. Often other special vet care is also needed. They sometime need serious rehabilitation too. We try to keep the adoption fee from R600 to R1200 to help defray the expenses involved.
Rescued Yorkie