How can a Rescue Organization Sell Puppies?

Are puppies the problem??

(The puppies that SA Yorkie Rescue have been selling until now have been from dogs that were pregnant when rescued.)

When considered simplistically you could easily take the stance that selling puppies is wrong and bad for animal welfare. The truth is however, that when someone has to pay a reasonable amount of money for a specific breed of puppy, that they will obviously value their dog and take good care of it. There is of course the rare danger, specifically with 'Teacup Yorkies', that they may be purchased merely as an fashion accessory, but these criminals are usually easily identified when they fail to enquire about how to care for their puppy.

Many people who love and care for animals want a puppy. It does not always have to be viewed as an evil practice, the way many view it who support animal rescue and welfare organizations.

Can a dog rescue organization sell puppies?

There is no crisis for pure bred Yorkshire Terrier puppies that are sold with care at their correct value!

So where does the Yorkie crisis originate? The largest crisis for Yorkshire Terriers in South Africa is actually caused by enthusiastic and dogmatically minded animal welfare activists who label any dog breeding as bad. How so? Dog breeders are obviously scared of being smeared with bad publicity all over the internet and so if a crisis does develop, they will try to deal with it by themselves in secret, this is the real danger for the dogs. This makes it more difficult for those who purchase a puppy to find honest breeders and more turn to buying a puppy over the internet and supporting puppy mills.

The best way to help the dogs is to positively encourage responsible breeding and to promote those breeders that prove that they care about their animals. We strongly feel that there should never be a crisis for the Yorkshire Terrier breed if responsible breeding was promoted.

SA Yorkie Rescue is a privately established organization concerned with the welfare of all animals, but focusses only on Yorkshire Terriers.

As a specific breed rescue organization there are a number of advantages:

1) We are able to give more attention to the specific needs of the breed in our area.

2) We do not have to discriminate against all breeders, but can encourage their support to help rescue Yorkshire Terriers.

3) When people are selective about which breed they want to rescue, they don't mind paying, which helps to rescue more dogs and we do not have to use funds that should go to helping unwanted mixed-breeds that need help from the SPCA and other charitable animal welfare organizations.

Is it cruel to breed dogs?

Is it cruel to breed dogs?

We do not feel it is cruel at all, when done in a responsible manner. It is a strong basic instinct for dogs to breed and nurture young. We feel these mammals experience deep emotions when raising young and socializing in a pack-like structure that ad to their quality of life.

Do we encourage dog-breeding?

While we love animals and hope to see them enjoy life as much as possible, we will not encourage more breeding, as this is often done in ignorance and not in a responsible way, especially when done only for monetary gain.

Still, we do not want to alienate breeders from Yorkie Rescue, since we want all to be responsible for the welfare of their dogs. We would rather promote breeders who are caring for all the Yorkshire Terriers that they are producing, ensuring that they have a rewarding and fulfilling life until the end. By promoting the 'positive' there is less room for the 'negative', we believe we are already making a difference in the lives of many Yorkies this way.

The goals we have for the future of Yorkie Rescue

While we are more focussed on the welfare of older dogs, we are not so naive so as to believe we could stop breeders when there will always be a demand for puppies. We would rather, therefore keep on supporting responsible breeding of Yorkies and encourage the public to support these instead of the many others who don't care for their animals.

Our goal is to start an extensive database of responsible breeders who comply with certain basic requirements that are needed for responsible breeding and to encourage the public to support these. We would prefer that they all be breeding registered dogs, but this too we realize would be unrealistic, since there is a demand for more affordable unregistered puppies too.

Through education of the public with regards to quality registered Yorkshire Terriers that are responsibly bred, we hope to reduce the number of breeders that do not practice selective breeding or care for their animal's welfare.

All breeders should be concerned with improving the breed and never producing unwanted dogs, this problem will continue while people are still purchasing puppies indiscriminately, particularly unseen over the internet.