The yorkies are doing well! - are going quickly to good homes!

Post date: Jun 19, 2013 6:20:40 AM

S A Yorkie Rescue is having a wonderful amount of interest in our orphans. We were concerned, but so far we are having no problem finding homes for our friends.

We are unfortunately not able to help everyone immediately. We need to take enough time to treat each yorkie as an individual, to understand their own particular personality and habits. We do not know all the dogs' backgrounds, ages etc. and therefore request patience on the part of our yorkie rescuers.

There are some young dogs that are helping to pay the bills, and there are many older ones that need special care and attention. For example we have one old blind girl, she loves to be spoken to and played with.

We would ideally like all the dogs to be spayed or neutered upon leaving the premises, but since that is not possible right now we need to be extra vigilant about finding responsible owners.

Thank you to everyone who is willing to take on a rescue, whether it is a younger dog which helps to pay our kennelling costs or an older dog that requires more of your time for their special care and attention that they deserve.